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BFC Collaboration with E-Squared..Thanx to a guy who recorded it sumhow.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008


The 3rd Battle of the Year Spore competition has ended.

Results as expected. But we managed to climb another level clinching 1st runner-up which minority will remember hah. Maybe bcos a couple of top local crews didn't join the competition due to personal reasons which we do respect.

Its a mixed feeling for us. Disappointed that we threw our showcase away for not executing perfectly. Fatigue strikes again? Possibly. Battle is way better than last year. To be honest we need to catch up with the local battle scene cos we lacked of experience in dat. We'll work on dat part hopefully. First battle against Style Groovaz Crew, huge props to them! Final battle against RF, no doubt.

A big Thank You and Love goes to those who came to support BFC. Even those who gave us a single clap. We appreciate it truly no doubt bout that. Its hard to please the audience nowadays we discovered. We appreciate those who appreciate. Its never easy.

Next year? Maybe? Maybe Not?...Time will tell.

Luv and Respect,
:::BFC 08:::

Monday, June 02, 2008

Update Out of the Blue~

Greetings Earthlings,

We've been asked a number of common question lately and that is:
"When will BFC have a public per4mance?"

Well to be honest, currently we only do shows for company/corporate events but would love to have a per4mance for the public but so far there's not even a chance. So if you peepz are keen to catch our new set of showcase, do drop by outside of Plaza Singapura this Saturday, 7th June at 7pm.

There will be a Battle of the Year Singapore 2008 competition held there and do come down and support ya fav local Bboy crews. The crews will have to per4m a routine showcase of not more than 6 mins. Then the best 4 crews will proceed to the battle round to have a chance to clinch the top spot and represent Spore for the Battle of the Year Asia.

This competition to us is by far the most complete for bboy crews to compete as its not 100%ly based on battles. You gotta show how tight ya crew is during the showcase and respect goes to those who are willing to try. To us its never about winning, its all about competing and showing our love of bboying in the local scene.

So if ya'll free, the event is free. =)

BFC 2008.
:::Ain't the best But Never fail to impresssssss~:::

Sunday, August 05, 2007

7 years comin and ongoing madnessss...

This 9 Aug 07 will mark our 7 years of crappiness, sloppiness, seriousness, sadness,happiness and watevaness of bein together.

Bboys come, bboys go but i hope we will stay strong to satisfy our passion. All these 7 years, we've been thru a lot in terms of the bond we had. There are bboys who are hunger for fame, there are bboys who took advantage of the crew,there are bboys who only appear when there are shows and of course there are bboys who stay true to the game.

BFC is a crew which could produce complete crappyness/sloppiness during shows but then again they are capable of blowing up the stage when they really mean it. In both cases they are sure to entertain the masses. Experiences have been worthwhile so far and hopefully there'll be more pleasant moments to come in the near future.

BFC wouldn't go this far without those bboys who sacrifice as the backbone of the crew making it stand firm to the ground. You know who you are.

There are loads of dance crews in sg and most of them are improving if not way better. We wish ya'll all the best and stay true to your own crew and give everythg dat ya good at.Peace.

Much Luv,
:::BFC 2007:::
Ain't the Best, But Never Fail to Impress.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hoist the Colours Up High.

Represent your own crew with Heart and Soul. Dun let fame get into ya head coz you will fall face first to the ground. Respect each other and the crew will keep on climbing up level by level but not just stall sumwhere and be forgotten, be gone.

Treat every lil show as if its da last per4mance, last opportunity to bust ya routine, settling ya feet at the only stage dat ever existed. There will be ups and downs down the bumpy road. Settle thgs professionally but dun ever hide or pretend.
Lastly, when you PLAN..MAKE IT HAPPEN.


06th May 07: THK Charity Show at Ch8.

18th May 07: DBL O Club Wear Launch.

19th May 07: Family Day at Mediacorp.

29th May 07: President Challenge at Turf Club.

3rd June 07: SMRT Family Day at Sentosa.

7,8th june 07: Channel U interview with Jeff Wang.

9th June 07: Battle of the Year(pending) and St.Fest Closing Item.

That's all at the moment. Much Thanx and Luv to those who asked for the updates.
Sad to say the shows listed are not open for public. But hopefully soon, we will get the chance to per4m our new set of showcase to aLL. Will update once confirmed.

Much Luv,
:::BFC 2007:::

Never the Best, But Never Fail to Impress.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Last Man Serving...

BFC would like to wish Hisham aka Shamoz a safe and enjoyable journey in his NS life.
Today, 10th April 07, he will be enlisted to tekong for his BMT. We will miss a great talent and contribution from him for sure. Hoping he will be joining us back pretty soon.

Meanwhile Jeebiez and Damndopey is back training with us which is a great boost. Shamoz is the last BFCian to be enlisted for NS. Once its all done, hopefully there'll be a BIG Showdown together with the whole crew able to per4m on one stage.

Once again, Shamoz, Take Care bro.

:::BFC 2007:::
Never the Best, Never Fail to Impress.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Night to Cherish...

07 April 07 will be a night BFC will cherish. Loads of wonderful things happened that night at DXO. We had a per4mance there much thanx to Dapheny from Soul Fusion. Loads of dope crews were per4ming that night naming O Skool, Definition Crew, NRA, In Da House, Streetz Disciples and many more. The Event: Brooklyn Rock.

We did a new set of showcase which as always, we manage to finish it b4 da day itself. Da crowd was awesome cheering the "highlights" of our sets. We could do better but heck we enjoyed it loads. Bill Calhoun as the emcee made it better.

We were truly surprise to see almost all the top 10 Dancefloor groups der joining the event. A truly great feeling to meet them again after their long and tiring day of roadshows and rehearsals. Muchly Deeply appreciated. Hope you guys enjoyed our piece dat night. Much RESPECT to Definition Crew for the friendly battle when the floor was open. Ben and gang was dope as always.

Hopefully there'll be a chance to unleash this showcase outdoor to the public cos they truly deserve it after all these years of care and concern for us. We owe YOU that.Till then..

Much Much Luv,
:::BFC 2007:::
Never the Best, Never Fail to Impress.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

BFC Has Left The Building...

Its a sad, sad situation.
Not bcos we were eliminated but when we saw those tears welling up all your beautiful eyes.

BFC for sure gonna miss all the WORTHY time spent with JDI, Fan4, SFB, Platinum, Soul Fusion, Vas n Pris, e2, MnS, the Batucadas and not forgettin our good pals Freestylerz.

BFC for sure gonna miss our 'playground', our 'battlefield' that is the Dance Floor.

BFC for sure are blessed with the wonderful peepz supporting us now and then. Our Family, our Friends, our Fans : YOU guys mean the WORLD to us. There's no perfect words to express our feelings but do noe that all our bruises, bumps, bleedin and fractures are all WORTH it seeing you guys cheering us on.Muchly Deeply Appreciated. We thank GOD, the Management, the Crews, the wardrobe and styling peepz, The SUPERB DANCERS, judges, Zaki, Rahmat, Alvin, Glyn, Sam, Nee, Joy and not forgettin LINDSAY, We ADORE you truly.

Wats next for us? We gonna lay low for the moment. Back to the streets busting and practising, to us the most unique way of body expression that is Bboying. Do say Hiiiiii if you bump into us anywhere, anytime.

BFC is gonna march on with our motto : ~Ain't the Best BUT Never Fail to Impress~
Till then, aLL the BEST Dancefloor-ians.

Much Luv,
:::BFC 2007:::